Intercollars are used to save time and money where an opening made in a grated or concrete floor at the installation location has to be safe. The Intercollar also ensures after installation that the opening is reinforced. The most significant advantage when using Intercollars is the cost savings because grated openings can be finished at the installation location and do not have to be drawn into the basic design in advance. Using Intercollars limits the turnaround time for both the engineering phase and the production of the grating. Intercollars can be installed with clamps or glued onto concrete or steel floors. Hot work is unnecessary because no holes need to be drilled. 

Intercollars are produced from self-extinguishing polyurethane with a value of V0 in accordance with the UL 94 guideline. Toxicity in the seat of a fire hearth is LC 13 in accordance with the LC50 testing method.

The standard colour is yellow RAL 1004. Design standard in accordance with the NEN-EN-ISO 14122.