Safety Gate Accessories

Safety gates can be attached directly on to vertical sleeve, round or angled profiles. An adapter set can be supplied for mounting on round profiles as shown in the drawing below.

Adaptor sets

Amerplastics can supply adaptor sets: 1-1/4” and 1-1/2” for installation of safety gates on round profiles measuring 42.3 mm and 48.3 mm respectively. The adaptor set consists of two galvanised angled profiles and three U-bolts with nuts. The angled profile can be attached to vertical posts using U-bolts. We recommend attaching angled profiles to the outside of the vertical posts as shown in the drawing supplied.

After the adaptor sets have been mounted to the vertical posts, the safety gate and support block can be installed. A stable and strong attachment of the safety gate can be guaranteed by using the adaptor set. The length of the safety gates may have to be reviewed because the attachment points are some distance outside the gate opening if adaptor sets are used. In most cases, ordering a gate that is one size larger than originally measured is sufficient.


If an adaptor set is used, determine the dimensions by measuring from the attachment points that are outside the round vertical posts.

Wind lock

Safety gates can open slightly when high winds are blowing. A wind lock can be installed to prevent this at all times if required. See the drawing below for the installation details.