Safety Gate Properties

  • An universal hinge for both left and right turning installation.
  • Self-extinguishing plastic in accordance with V0 UL94
  • Yellow RAL 1004 safety colour
  • Maintenance free
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Gravity closing
  • UV and weather resistant
  • Easy installation
  • Low priced and efficient
  • Very sound construction
  • Meets EN 14122-3 & 4 standards
  • Metric dimensioning


Intergate Safety Gates are available in two different models:

  1. Single bar (SG)

    These gates provide an excellent economic solution for most situations.
  2. Double bar (DG)

    This type has been developed to meet safety requirements that are becoming more and more strict.

Swing direction

To determine the swing direction (L or R), you need to imagine moving from the ladder to the platform in such a way that the safety gate moves away from you. If the hinge needs to be on the right, a right-turning gate is required. The universal hinge allows you to install the safety gate turning to the left or the right.


You only need to drill three holes for installation (two for the hinge and one for the support block). If required, the safety gate can be sawn to the required length afterwards. The overlap of the gate and the handrail post must be at least 30 mm.