EPOGARD pre-insulated glass-reinforced epoxy piping systems are mainly used as piping for the effective and durable transport of district heating and cooling and geothermal water. The epoxy inner pipe offers extremely good corrosion resistance, adding years to a reliable piping system. In addition, EPOGARD is also used for many other industrial applications. The high-quality PUR hard foam insulation is 100% CFC-free, cyclopentane driven and offers a guaranteed high insulation value that remains the same throughout the entire life cycle. EPOGARD pre-insulated pipes are produced by using the ‘conti-process’ and the conventional ‘discontinuous production process’. The HDPE outer jacket surrounds the insulating system and makes it watertight and impact and rupture resistant. All pipes and accessories that are pre-insulated in the factory can be easily processed as a modular system at the construction site.

Thermal expansion and strength pattern

A specific calculation is required to determine the thermal expansion of the EPOGARD piping system and the related strength pattern. The results of this calculation are used to design the anchoring blocks, which compensate the axial stresses. We will be happy to assist you with these engineering services.


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