Fire tests

Amerplastics is always working on development to ensure that it can supply products and services that meet customer requirements and which contribute towards safety.

Hydrocarbon fire

The plastic floor and grating collar concept contributes to being able to install a reliable, corrosion-free system quickly that meets the required safety guidelines. The material used is self-extinguishing polyurethane that can resist a hydrocarbon fire.

Pool fire

One of the production locations of an Amerplastics’ client asked us to design a plastic alternative for floor and grating openings that could be installed using adhesive bonding and which was maintenance free. A fire test was then performed in consultation with the customer. The basic principle was to obtain a product that could resist a pool fire.

Intercollar® can be used in combination with Promastop® on offshore oil and gas platforms where a 15 minute pool fire can occur or flames can break through from an underlying floor. Promastop® is a product that seals the space between the Intercollar and the lead-through pipe.