Glassfiber Reinforced Thermoset Pipesystems GRE

Amerplastics is specialized during her 40 years of existence in the applications of glassfiber reinforced thermoset pipesystems (GRE). Amerplastics is the sales organization of Bondstrand G.R.E. on behalf of NOV Fiberglass Systems in the territories The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg. We have sales offices in Terneuzen (The Netherlands) and in Gent (Belgium). We are appointed as a Master Distributor for Europe, C.I.S. and Africa, to serve the NOV FGS network. Bondstrand is applied for all kind of utilities systems for diverse markets like chemical – and petrochemical industries, LNG terminals, electrical power stations and offshore platforms.

Amerplastics has the qualifications and knowledge to prefabricate special composite prefab items, pressure vessels and equipment. We have a modern G.R.E. workshop, specialised tooling, experienced personnel and projectmanagement upon request.

We work according to ISO 14692 standards. Our personnel is certified and witnessed by notified bodies for the execution of adhesive bonded joints and Lamination activities.

Amerplastics also supplies Intergate safety gates and Intercollar grating penetration collars.